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My Story of Courage and Curiosity

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

At such an early age, the world of art completely set free. To me, the sweetness of this story is that my parents, who both had just passed within 6 months of each other this year encouraged my artistic flow the entire way.

My story of courage and curiosity was just that– acts of pure experiments and countless pivots.

Honestly, the individuals who seemed to inspire me the most were those “rogue artists“… you know, the ones spray painting bridges and sides of buildings, or the people who could make something really cool out of old fences and tin cans. Those who could create art on any substrate, not just canvas. They would experiment with shapes, texture and color without hesitation…. They were all inspirers and mentors.

My goal was to create with the purpose of doing things differently. Using mediums such as resin, encaustics, textured pastes, heavy acrylics, alcohol inks...are just a few of my favorites . What I found interesting was that learning to use these completely different mediums taught me a lot about how to use color and how valuable my color wheel became!

My journey of stepping outside of my comfort zone, constantly learning and researching new ways to create art actually invented a new part of me. And being a former teacher, the best part is, I get to teach people everything I know with great passion and excitement!

Although, I’m still a work in progress, I’m absolutely loving this journey and pray that many others join me in my studio whether it's to join my workshops, sit on the porch and have a glass of my favorite wine by "Prime Vine Wine", (offered during every evening workshop) or venture upstairs in the adorable retail shop called "Vignettes"where you'll find wonderful vintage items!

This week I open my first brick and mortar studio / workshop @ 854 Wye rd in Bath Ohio and am so excited I can barely sleep. Someone recently asked me this question, “Are you afraid of failing? What if nobody wants to sign up or visit?" -I replied “To me, my only failure would be to NOT try”. Honestly, just getting to go to my studio every day and do what I was born to do- I feel I’ve already succeeded!

You can sign up for really fun and unique workshops on my website served with either bagels or wine depending on the time of day!

I’m at the studio daily and am open to the public Mon-Sat 9-5:30. Come and say "Hi", I'd truly love to meet you!


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