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Why Resin?

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Have you ever wondered “what is this resin art thing ?” the answer is more simple than you think. Resin art is created when a thick syrup like chemical called epoxy. Usually 2 parts, the second part being the hardener, usually a 1:1 ratio. This mixture is combined with various color pigments, mica powders and additives to produce a blend of beautiful patterns, waves and textures. The resin mixture gradually hardens to a solid plastic as a chemical reaction between its components takes place.

Renowned for both its experimental nature and ethereal aesthetic, resin is proving extremely popular among today's artists. While the compound—which can be cultivated naturally or synthetically created—has traditionally been used in polishes and varnishes, (you'll see resin as a gorgeous finish on a boat for example.. ). These days, many modern artists and designers are finding new and inventive ways to incorporate the malleable material into their practice. Lustrous like glass but compositionally strong and resistant, resin effortlessly pairs form with functionality, resulting in an endless amount of artistic possibilities. It's my personal "go to" for many art projects.

In my workshops we learn more about this versatile medium and it's endless, beautiful possibilities. This eclectic type of art ranges from spectacular sculptural works and three-dimensional “paintings” made on unconventional canvases to coasters, cutting boards and avant-garde furniture. Dazzling and diverse, you will get to experience the versatility and beauty of the remarkable material.

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